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Cost-Saving Medical Management Services

HealthLink's Medical Management program provides a comprehensive approach to cost management and reduction by supporting appropriate, affordable care and delivering savings.

HealthLink Medical Management is comprised of multiple programs designed to manage health care costs and ensure optimal health outcomes for members. When added to a group health plan, Medical Management programs enable HealthLink to encourage appropriate use and performance of medical services in accordance with evidence-based guidelines. There are three components that make up the HealthLink Medical Management program:

Utilization Management with AIM

  • Pre-admission certification of planned hospital admission
  • Notifications of emergency hospital admission
  • Concurrent hospital stay review
  • Discharge planning
  • Services requiring precertification
  • Additional radiology and cardiology precertification
  • Pre-test risk assessment for cardiovascular services

Case Management

  • Supports individuals with chronic or catastrophic conditions
  • Helps achieve optimal, timely outcomes

Comprehensive Behavioral Health

  • Outpatient services
  • Day treatment/partial hospital programs
  • Residential treatment centers

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