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Health Care Member Rights & Responsibilities

HealthLink's list of member rights & responsibilities acknowledge vital aspects of the doctor patient relationship.

HealthLink believes that health care should be physician-driven and based on a strong doctor patient relationship. The following lists of patient rights, patient responsibilities and member rights and responsibilities acknowledge some fundamental elements of this relationship.

Member Rights

  • To receive considerate and respectful care and services from participating physicians, hospitals and other health care professionals, and considerate and respectful services from HealthLink staff.
  • To receive medically necessary care and services.
  • To receive from your physician (or hospital/office personnel) complete and understandable information about your condition, possible treatments and likely outcome, and to discuss this information with your physician. No restriction shall be placed on the dialogue between practitioner and patient.
  • To participate in any decision-making related to your care.
  • To know the names and roles of the people treating you.
  • To consent to or refuse a treatment as permitted by law. If you refuse a recommended treatment, you will receive other needed, reasonable and available care.
  • Consideration of privacy concerning your medical care. Case discussion, consultations and treatments should be conducted discreetly, with only necessary individuals present.
  • To have all communications and records pertaining to your care treated as confidential, released only with your permission, or as permitted by law.
  • To review your medical records and to have the information explained, except when restricted by law.
  • To be informed of complaint and grievance procedures, and to file a complaint when you are dissatisfied with the health care you or a family member receives.
  • To receive information about HealthLink, its services and participating network physicians, hospitals and other health care professionals in a clear and concise manner.

Member Responsibilities

  • To select and establish a relationship with a medical practitioner.
  • To seek medical care at the earliest possible time when you experience symptoms that may indicate illness or injury.
  • To provide, to the best of your knowledge, accurate and complete information about present complaints, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications or other matters concerning your health.
  • To communicate to medical personnel if you do not clearly understand what is expected of you, or how to take prescribed medication.
  • To follow the treatment plan recommended by the physician primarily responsible for your care. Keep scheduled appointments. Take medications as prescribed, or communicate your reason for not doing so to your doctor. Adhere to any prescribed diet or exercise program, or consult with the prescribing health care professional to adjust the requirements or resolve problems.
  • To recognize the effects of lifestyle and preventive care in your personal health.
  • To read the benefit program information provided to you and to follow instructions regarding claims, eligibility and hospitalizations.
  • To carry your health identification card and identify yourself as a member of a health plan that uses HealthLink's network programs when you seek health care services.
  • To provide, to the best of your knowledge, accurate and complete information about your current health coverage to physicians, hospitals and other health care professionals who treat you.

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